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9.1 Permit Database

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Planner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

This Web page is still under construction and incomplete. It will be updated and complete shortly.

9.1.1 Concept of Permit Database

The issue of permits to the ‘final land user’ based on Local Plans is the implementation aspect of land use plans.

Goal is a Permit Database in an easily retrievable format, derived from the Structure Plan and Local Plan in LUPMIS. This is a semi-automatic process, which - for standard approvals (i.e. of residential Planning Permits) - requires a human interface only for final clearance.

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LUPMIS will provide information about the status of every single parcel:

  • Name, address and telephone number of applicant

  • UPN number

  • Location (sector/block and xy)

  • Size of parcel

  • Land use classification (zoning, from Local Plan)

  • Date of request for Planning Permit

  • Number of application for Planning Permit

  • Type of development applied for

  • Date of issue of Planning Permit

  • Number of Planning Permit (if different from application number)

  • Date of request for Building Permit

  • Number of application for Building Permit  (if different from Planning Permit)

  • Date of issue of Building Permit

  • Number of Building Permit (if different from application number)

  • Date of certificate of occupancy

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