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Annex 18: MS Access

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert / Programmer; general Map Maker training

A18.1 General

Under the requirement of appropriate technology transfer and capacity building of in-house and local human resources it is important to strengthen the existing knowledge base and to have full documentation. The following paras are to meet these requirements.

At LUPMIS all databases run on MySQL, with php-based programs as the interface, and Map Maker commands to control the GIS. Annex 18.5 lists all Map Maker macro commands, Annex 18.6 explains how to integrate them. This documentation of Map Maker interfacing is primarily addressed to developers.

In an earlier version, MS Access was used at the frontend/client and SQL Server at the backend/server. The frontend was linked to Map Maker through processes described below. Annex 18.2 for forms and  Annex 18.3 for macros describe both the call from Map Maker to Access, Annex 18.4 the call from Access to Map Maker.


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