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A16.6 Survey Point Coordinates

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

An individual parcel (polygon) is defined by its corners (vertex points). This is preferably done by assessing the coordinates in UTM with the help of modern survey and GPS techniques: See  Annex 16.1–Para2.A.

Once you have this polygon (parcel) in LUPMIS, you can display the coordinates on a map (for example, title printout):

1. Separate the parcel and save it in a temporary file:
- Either: If you only know the location:
Copy to the parcel map to the live layer > Select (at left toolbar) > Select the parcel > Select the parcel > Main menu > Edit > Save selection > Select folder > Specify name for temporary file > Save > Main menu > Clear live layer > Main menu > Clear >
- Or: If you know the UPN (or other criteria):
Main menu > Utilities > Vector utilities > Actions > Select folder and file of parcel map > Open > Transform window: Spatial queries > Find objects > OK > Search by criteria window: Select terms: ID (if searching for UPN) > Criteria statement: Enter UPN > OK > Specify name for temporary file > Save

Note: If the parcel has a ‘round’ boundary, you should delete some of the vertex points in live layer. Delete them. Otherwise, you have too many points defining the parcel.

2. Convert to points:
Main menu > Load file into live layer > Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Basic operations > Explode lines and polygons into points > OK >

3. Calculate coordinates:
Still in live layer: Right-mouse > Live layer actions > IDs and labels > Generate Display labels based on coordinates > OK > Generate Display labels based on coordinate window: Full one-metre resolution grid reference > Separator: - > OK

4. Load the file in Map Maker:
Add Layer


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