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6.3.2 Grid

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

There are various types of grids, which can be displayed on the map:

A) The grid on display (monitor) can be turned on/off or changed through Main menu > Navigate > Screen grid > Select width or characteristics of grid. Be aware, that in the default settings the lowest grid resolution might not show clearly (only by few dots), you might have to change to another grid interval.

B) If you want to have a geographical grid on your printed map, this will be created automatically, when you define the print (see  Chapter 6.6 for the final print): Main menu > File > Print > Scaled print > Automatic > Tick ‘show grid’ >>>

This grid option creates both latitude / longitude and UTM grids in a standard, cartographic design. There is no need to modify this standard (but can be done in map layout).


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