Gerhard Bechtold

  Consultant for National (Geo-)Information Systems and Database Setup, for Natural Resources Assessments   

Location of cities, towns, villages (and streets, if available)

This program displays locations of cities - and in some countries, also of streets. Most data are based on standard Google geocoder database, but primary search is done on proprietary internal geolocation databases. These show significantly more and preciser locations than public domain databases.

First, specify the place (city / village / street name, according to the syntax in the middle box, not case-sensitive), then select the country or one of the free options at the bottom, then press 'Show on ... map'. Large-scale displays more detail in a small neighbourhood area, small-scale gives larger overview area.

Problems often arise with transcription of site names. Many countries do not have official gazetteer lists (in Roman letters) nor an official transcription code. In those cases various (i.e. the most common) names of the same site are listed and can be searched (e.g. Axum vs Aksum).

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Specify a place to show

Last update: May 2007